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Refund Policy

Our refund policy is simple. If you are not satisfied with our service provided, our technician will contact you again to know the reason of dissatisfaction and will try to maintain the satisfaction again by solving your issue but if you still don't want to go with our services then you may cancel your service request contract. In the process when your service contract is cancelled, service will be delivered for the one month though you will not be charged for one month thereafter. Technician will help you in resolving every Gps issue free of cost for one month.

You may cancel service contract by mailing us and reason of cancellation. Beyond the fact that issue was not provided with a satisfactory resolution, member from our team will response on your cancelation request and will initiate refund in 5 working days. You will get a mail on your registered email address and there will be information that in how many days we are initiating refund to you.


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